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Many energy companies offer grants and programs that are open to everyone – you don’t even have to be a customer. Salary sacrifice will not affect your entitlement to the State Pension unless your salary is below the threshold for making National Insurance contributions. No, a salary sacrifice agreement is only valid from the date the contract is drawn up between you and your employer. Your employer buys the bike and then leases it to your company. Many employers can reclaim the VAT and have the option of passing this saving on to you.

Calculate how much you’ll spend on a weekly and monthly basis on things such as ingredients and supplies, people’s wages, electricity and water bills, etc. Judy Scott, an independent consultant, was a great source of advice and feedback. All staff and researchers should allow the public to directly contact the benefits advice service, rather than asking for information on their behalf.

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If you don’t have one, your supplier may require you to install one. If you’re struggling to afford your gas and electricity bills, contact your supplier to discuss ways to pay what you owe them. Use these 35 ways to pay less tax, including checking your tax code and making the most of tax credits and dozens of other ways to reduce your tax bill.

Put simply, if you don’t have enough cash coming in, then you won’t be able to afford to continue. However, be careful not to overprice your products immediately upon opening. Offers and gradual price increases can be used to attract new customers. However, you must not lose your edge.

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You can check which providers offer social tariffs on the Ofcom website. You might be able to pay less council tax or not pay it at all – it depends on your circumstances. You can find out how to contact your local council on GOV.UK. You need to be getting Housing Benefit or part of Universal Credit to get a DHP.

Next apologises to staff after IT problems cause months of underpaying – The Guardian

Next apologises to staff after IT problems cause months of underpaying.

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This will help you avoid a cycle of debt, also known as a debt trap or spiral of debt. CashLady.com makes it easy to apply for a loan, even if your credit is not perfect. CashLady has a dedicated panel that is approved by the FCA for short-term credit providers. Many of our lenders may be able to lend you funds in an emergency, even if you have a poor credit history. You must have enough money to pay your monthly loan repayments. You are more likely to be approved if you can afford the repayments.