Bk8 Casino Casino Bonuses 2021

BK8 Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 :

Best Casino Bonuses with Bonus Codes May 2021

Coupon code copied New players, 18+ Get a 150% bonus up to MYR 800 on your first deposit! Terms and Conditions Apply. Coupon code copied Get a 50% daily reload bonus up to MYR 500! Terms and Conditions apply. Coupon Code Copied

Get 1% of daily cashback!

Malaysia’s Betting Rewards Bonanza!

Bet with MYR 1 and get up to RM1,000 in rebates per month. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gambler looking for more funds to play roulette, we’ve got your back. All of our promotions are easy-to-read – just look at the fine print on any deal page before claiming it so that you know exactly what is required by us from each customer (we need details!)

BK8 Casino Casino Review

BK8 King is a new player in the online casino market that was released to consumers in 2015. This gaming brand is regulated and licensed by Curacao, which means it’s as fun for players who speak English or Malay!

Thanks to BK8 King’s instant play and mobile-friendly designs players can access thousands of games from any device (phone, tablet or pc) without having to download additional software. The only requirement is that they use a supported web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. Players also have the option of downloading the casino app for either Android devices on Google Play Store as well as iOS devices in Apple App store if they want an even more optimized experience.

BK8 Kings casino is not just a place to play games, but it’s also an amazing venue for those that enjoy sports. The vast selection of 400+ different types of casino games and the superb-designed interface make this one worth checking out! They offer some fantastic perks such as their referral program which provides bonuses when you refer friends or family members who sign up at BK8Kings Casino. Players can avail many payment methods including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) , Dashcoin DSH, LiteCoin LTC, Monero XMR/XEM

Bk 8 Kings has numerous awesome features to help players get more in touch with them if they ever need assistance from customer service representatives anytime day or night

Other bonuses and promotions are available for the sports betting section of this online casino. As we have mentioned, this casino’s game library is filled with over 400 slots and table games as well! With 18 amazing creators powering these great titles in their industry-leading collection, players can enjoy a wide variety of gambling experiences to suit every mood or desire. These companies include SpadeGaming , Microgaming , TopTrend Gaming , Game Play Evolution Gaming 、WM eBetPlaytech SA Games Ultimate Asia Gamming DreamGamming GD Mega 888 918Kiss FunkyGames Allbet .

It’s no surprise that this casino offers more than just the standard payment methods. You can choose to use e-wallets or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin when depositing your funds, and even enjoy an online live dealer experience!

For all of you diehard gamblers out there who might be hesitant about making a deposit, worry not because BK8 King Casino has got something for everyone. They offer some really cool features like their e-wallet deposits which are quick and easy (think PayPal), 15% cash back on first three rounds played at Blackjack tables if you’re using one of these handy payment options, along with the chance to win up to 2 BTC every week in their referral program – it doesn’t get much better than that

BK8 Casino Casino VIP

You’ve always wanted to be an elite VIP, but who has the time? Luckily for you this casino offers a great way to join their club with just one deposit. Bronze tier rewards include personal treatment from your host and guest service at any of our branches. You’ll also get extra bonuses on all games played! All that’s required is joining by making deposits totaling MYR 50,000 or more every month- it can’t get much easier than that!

Players who are new to the casino or those with an account that has never made a deposit of MYR 150,000 will access this tier. Players in Silver have their withdrawal limit at MYR 60K per day and 10 transactions each day which is still higher than Bronze’s 5 Txns/day but not as high as Golds 20Txs/day! Other perks include receiving 1 bonus on your birthday (MYM388) AND monthly deposits accumulate for our Birthday Bonus too so you can receive up to MVR4288 if it’s been 12 months since making any withdrawals from your account – talk about giving yourself something nice after all these hard work saving money towards building up enough cash to buy more chips 😉 Withdraw

The Gold tier includes a range of benefits, such as designed account manager that will aid you in maximizing your earnings on the casino. If you make at least MYR 500,000 monthly then this is for you!

This tier offers the following perks: a designed account manager, a daily withdrawal limit of MYR 100,000, 15 transactions per day with an unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals. It also includes bonuses for special occasions like your birthday or if you deposit more than 250K in 3 months. Keep track by checking out our casino rewards page to see what benefits are available!

This is how it works – we have tiers that offer various levels of service at different price points for all types of players who want something tailored just right for them; whether you’re new to online gaming or looking into upgrading from one level to another!

Platinum: The Platinum tier is accessible for all players that make a minimum monthly deposit (this is an accumulate of deposits) of MYR 1,000,000. This tier offers the following perks:

* A designed account manager * Daily withdrawal limit of MYR 300k * 15 daily transactions; An MYR 1000 bonus *An extra 2888 weekly rescue bets on offer to you every week! On top of this some very special birthday bonuses are available too – worth up to 888MYRGX each time they’re redeemed

This tier also requires a past 3 month accumulated deposit of MYR 500,000 and a past 3-month turnover of 5,000,000. Diamond: finally the diamond tier is accessible for all players that make at least monthly deposits (accumulated) to reach at least 2 million. This offers perks such as an unlimited daily withdrawal limit, unlimited transactions per day with no additional charges or fees incurred when withdrawing money from this account type; there is 1% rebate on games played – so you can get more back what you put in!

To get tier 9, a casino must have had MYR 1.2 million in deposits the past three months and 10 million from wagers within that same time frame.

To obtain Tier 9 status for BK8 Casino, they would need over one-million dollars’ worth of money deposited with them during this last quarter as well as more than ten times that amount wagered on their table games or electronic gaming devices since then – not an easy task by any means!

Bonuses Promotions

BK8 King Casino is a wondrous place for all players to receive amazing bonuses and promotions. At the time of this review, enjoy several rewards when you make your first deposit with BK8 casino online or at their live casino in Malaysia! Just head over now to get:

-A welcome bonus on slots & sports betting worth up to MYR 800 (or its equivalent) by making your initial payment AND using the promotional code SPORTS 100% WELCOME BONUS – An exclusive 50% cashback offer on any roulette bets made within 30 days after registration

For the live casino section, players will get a 50% bonus up to MYR800 (or its equivalent) by making their first deposit and using the promotional code LIVE CASINO 50% WELCOME BONUS. For slots gamers, they’ll receive 100%, plus another 150%. This MEGA888 promotion is valid for today only!

BK8 King casino has a plethora of bonuses waiting for you. You will be able to enjoy up to 50% reload bonus that can be used on different game categories such as sports, live racing games and more!

High rollers and loyal players get the most out of our promotions! Make a deposit using cryptocurrency to receive an additional 5% bonus up to MYR 388. A first-time depositor can also win one of three prizes: sports section free bet worth up to MYR 38,888; crypto lucky draw where you could potentially walk away with as much as MRY38,888 in cash; or refer your friends for even more casino credit. Full terms and conditions apply unless otherwise noted by us!

This casino welcomes you with a bonus, but what are the wagering requirements? The welcome offer has an x12 requirement for sports betting and slots. Meanwhile live games require at least 25x on bets before cashing out any winnings from your account.

Some casinos have all sorts of promotions that make it hard to keep track of everything they want you to do in order to cash-in your rewards points or withdraw some money from their site; while others provide information on how much effort is needed for various offers without making them difficult!

Players will find that depositing at this casino is very easy.

Most casino players would be surprised to learn that many casinos only offer a limited set of payment options. Unlike the traditional all-cash system, most establishments now provide an assortment of different ways for their guests to pay for services rendered. While some old school gamblers still prefer cold hard cash or chips as they call them, there are plenty more who enjoy playing on credit cards and other electronic devices like tablets and iPhones with apps – but what if you don’t have any money in your account? Well luckily enough these days just about every establishment accepts cryptocurrencies so even those without access to funds can play games online! This is especially great news because it means no matter where you’re located around the world (and yes we mean anywhere!), anyone can get


King casino has a big game catalog filled with over 400 slots, sports, and live casino games. These games are divided into several categories including sports, e-Sports (video gaming), slot machines that pay you to play them immediately for free or in the long run if you want more money per spin; poker is like gambling without any risk because it’s all about luck but there’s skill involved as well.

In addition to the classics, players will find unique table casino games such as blackjack and roulette. Live dealers are also available for baccarat and poker in real-time! Fishing is a popular game that can be played with ease at BK8 King Casino. They offer 18 providers of top tier games on their huge catalog which includes: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker (table), Pai Gow Poker (online)

Additionally, players will find unique table casino games such as black jack and roulette over live dealer tables where they may test their skills against them when playing live versions of these card/dice gambling favorites online like Texas Hold’em or Jacks Or Better across various types from chip denominations to number hands required

You’ve started to get the hang of slots, but now it’s time for you to move on. Here are some casino games that might be more interesting and will keep things fresh!

At casinos or online gambling sites, there are many other types of gaming besides slot machines. These include table games such as poker. There is also roulette where players can bet a variety of different styles depending on what they want in return – like having their numbers come up during playtime so they win money just by standing around waiting instead of actively playing the game itself? And then there’s blackjack which has been popular since 1887 because people love being able to count cards without getting caught (although eventually someone always manages!).

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Most people think that casinos are the epitome of excitement and fun. They come to gamble, play poker or blackjack – whatever their fancy may be. But what they don’t know is that casino life can get a little rough sometimes! At least not anymore thanks to this incredible VIP program at ____ Casino Resort . If you’ve been here before, then you must have seen all those long lines just waiting for one quick game on the slots machine or roulette wheel- never again with our new tiers which offer an exhilarating bonus every month as well as special promotions from time to time!. The best part about it? Anyone could become eligible by playing regularly (just make sure your deposits total up in MYR 50,000) so

Introducing our Silver tier which features daily withdrawal limits of MYR 60,000 for 10 transactions per day. You can also enjoy a birthday bonus with this tier!

This tier offers the following perks: a designed account manager, a daily withdrawal limit of MYR 80,000, 10 daily transactions with an additional monthly deposit bonus up to MYR 150 on top of that. Gold players also get access to their own private membership card and exclusive privileges such as receiving 5% cash back in selected casino games every day!

This tier offers MYR 100,000 daily withdrawal limit and a sports rebate of 0.60%. It also requires an accumulated deposit of at least MYR 250,000 in the past 3 months (or just 1 month for those with higher balances) as well as turnover exceeding 2 million during that same period.


The Platinum tier is accessible for all players that make a minimum monthly deposit of MYR 1,000,000. This tier offers the following perks: unlimited transactions and withdrawals (inclusive of one withdrawal per day), up to three times more bonuses on deposits made each month (MYR 2,888 weekly rescue bonus + 888 birthday bonus+ special birthday gift), exclusive benefits such as sports betting rebates with an 0.70% Sports Rebate rate and live casino rebate at 1%, plus slots rebate at 0.90%.

The diamond tier is accessible to all players that make a monthly deposit of MYR 2,000,000. The following perks are offered: the account manager will be designed exclusively for you; there’s an unlimited daily withdrawal limit and transactions-limit per day; it includes an exclusive MYR 2 million bonus when deposited each month (a total accumulated); birthday bonuses such as MB1 – 288 weekly rescue rewards or 1% rebate on games played every time your birth date passes by.

To be eligible to apply for this tier, you must have a past 3 month accumulated deposit of MYR 1,000,000 and a turnover that has reached 10 million within the last three months.

To qualify for this highest tiered account with an interest rate as high as 24%, it is necessary to meet two requirements: firstly having at least MYR one thousand in your current bank balance plus enough funds on hand from previous transactions so that their total amount equals or exceeds ten million Malaysian Ringgits; secondly maintaining such levels consistently over the course of three consecutive months prior to applying.

Customer Service

BK8 King is the best online casino for fast and reliable customer service.

Join Now

BK8 King is a titan in the online casino industry. If you are looking for an amazing online casino to join, then BK8 King should be on your list of casinos to consider joining because they have legal Malaysian players who want their great experience and big wins! You can also find all your favorite games here at this reputable site that offers tons of bonuses when making deposits–a perfect pick if you’re ready for some fun times with friends or family members through gambling.

It’s time to play with your friends or on your own, but this is the place for you. We have everything here that interests players: sports bets, slots and so much more! You will find plenty of games not just from one software provider either; we’ve got it all right at our fingertips. What are you waiting for? Contact us today – let’s get started making some money together now!

Yes, this casino does take Bitcoin payments. The site also accepts ETH, LTC and USDT among other cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. At the time of writing there are no offers available in their games section; however they do have a VIP program with rewards that can be claimed from various sections of play: sports betting provides 12x wagering requirements on bonus amounts while slot machines offer 25x multiplier to your winnings after claiming bonuses which is great if you like high risk gambling!

Yes, this casino does have a “refer-a-friend” program that allows players to gain MYR50 for each referred player that completes the registration process. Additionally, this casino has an affiliate programs called BK8 affiliates where you can earn up to 10% of their monthly net revenue in commissions based on your membership level and there are no other fees involved! The information regarding its license is as follows: it’s registered under Malta Gaming Authority SLM1572 with ID number 30 Ghar Id Dud Street Sliema

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