How to secure headlamp to hard hat

The MOH 35 is designed for outdoor pursuits, not specifically cycling. There’s no specific advice on how to use it on a bike in the instructions or the company’s online information. They will cover how to put everything together, charging, lighting modes, and run-times for general usage. Simply flip the cover open and hold the magnet connector close to the charging port. The coupler will then snap into place.

  • Head torches aren’t often tested here. However, the Knog’s Bilby Headlamp at PS50 was popular. It has a maximum output power of 400 lumens and some practical and fit compromises.
  • With an output of up to 300 lumens and waterproof to IPX4 standards, the Energizer Vision HD Head light is a great option for runners, cyclists and campers looking for a hands-free light source.
  • With no USB port to open or rubber cap to get torn off, the possibility of water entering the product while recharging has been eliminated.
  • When you need hands-free usage with adjustable settings, the Energizer Vision Ultra HD lightweight headlight offers unbeatable performance and excellent value in its category.

We haven’t tested many head torches on, but Knog’s Bilby Headlamp at PS50 was well liked. It has a maximum output of 400 lumens, though, and a few fit and practical compromises. The red LED can be used as an additional rear light while cycling, but it is best to attach the MOH 35 to your helmet. This is a complicated task, so you would need to set it up in this manner only. You would then have a battery pack over your eyes. The DICATA USB XPR-55662GX is equipped with a rubber strap that can be used to attach fire helmets and hard hats. Its versatility, safety, brightness, and safety will be highly appreciated by users.

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This is a reminder that, even though the MOH 35 allows you to ride without a bar-mounted light, it can cause confusion on the road. Sometimes, I struggled to see what was coming at me when confronted with a rider wearing an extremely powerful headlamp. You will be more easily identifiable if you have a primary bike-mounted lamp. Charging the 4000mAh li-ion battery takes around 2.5hrs from empty, via the supplied USB-C cable, from a laptop. Since the battery can be removed from the bracket quickly, you don’t need to sit your grimy helmet on your desk to charge it, and the battery can also be used as a powerbank to charge other items. Nightstick’s new MagMate charging technology eliminates the time wasted finding and replacing traditional alkaline batteries while providing users with a waterproof method to recharge their light.

How To Secure Headlamp To Hard Hat

Everything is solid and stays put on the bike. On the bike, I didn’t visually notice any step down in performance when it happened, although the brightness difference between high and turbo modes did seem less defined. I didn’t once feel I was lacking lighting, and so, in fact, because the stepdown process extends run-time markedly, it’s not exactly a downside, as long as you’re able to dose your turbo light usage a little.

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When operating simultaneously in full power dual-light mode, 300 lumens will blaze out of this dustproof intrinsically safe headlamp. It is made with a thick-walled, engineered polymer that is durable to withstand the most hazardous environments. The XPR5562GX is powered with a lithium-ion battery that can provide extended run-times up to 15 hours in low mode. This headlamp has a 310 lumen output making ideal for work in poorly-lit areas. The focus ring is easy to adjust while working.

How To Secure Headlamp To Hard Hat

Head Torch Super Bright Wide Beam COB Headlamp [(Powerful Light Strip)] This COB strip head torch adopt 40 LEDs, lights up your surroundings unlike any other traditional headlamp. I now know for certain that my head torch won’t fall off my safety helmet any more. Allows for a headlamp to attach to a helmet without integrated clips. It is easy to install the clip. Simply attach the clip to your helmet edge and then slide the headlight strap into its groove to fix the headlight. Polyester lanyards in green 15mm with ‘FIRSTAID’ printed in white text Safety break and strong black plastic clip included.

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It even features an additional strap at the top of the headlight for greater stability when used alongside hard hats, and its orange safety colour ensures that you are instantly recognisable. This rechargeable headlamp can also work with standard AAA batteries. It’s light weight, comfortable, economic, flexible, and gives you 100 yards of visibility in pitch black. It features six light modes and allows you to easily recharge it with a USB or a standard wall plug in.

Just don’t plan to swap from your head to your helmet in a hurry. It’s amazing how light cycling can produce, but it’s best to save it for off-road trips. Drivers will be upset. The various lighting modes offer great practicality for bikepackers, adventurers, hikers and campers, or just doing awkward DIY tasks too.

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Moreover, the micro brim enables optimal visibility, providing a wide field of view. It includes mounting plates for a Vertex or Strato helmet. The Pro Adapt is an adhesive accessory for mounting the headlamp on other helmets . Helmet clips can also be used Lumen Hero to secure the headlamp. The Petzl Pixa 1 ATEX head light offers zone 2 protection and is waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The most recent LED technology provides a brilliant light source of 25 lumens up to a distance of 15 metres.

  • It is easy to move the headlamp between the different colours of hard hats depending on the site.
  • It can be a distraction on the road and cause serious injury to other road users, including cyclists.
  • Its waterproof casing allows the headlight to be used for 30 minutes in water no deeper than 1 meter.
  • The adjustable headband features a top strap that provides extra security. It also offers a non-slip, comfortable fit.

This ultra-thin lighthead provides unobstructed views with flood beam coverage of 125deg. Pyramex Ridgeline Hardhat Safety Accessories Clear One-piece wraparound lens for protection. Clips to secure the lens accessory in the safety hardhat. 5 position adjustment Optically… Pyramex Ridgeline Hardhat Safety Accessory Gray One piece wraparound lens for eye protection Clips to secure the lens accessory into the safety hard hat 5 position length adjustment Optically … these clips can fix headlamp effectively on various helmet and hardhat,easy to use and remove. The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Light Headlight gives you hands-free lighting whenever you need it. With a beam reach of 80 metres and output of 400 lumens on its highest setting, this state-of-the-art…

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The battery run-time is extraordinary, and as a second light for nocturnal or multi-day adventures it’s very hard to beat, even for twice the price. This is useful off-road for seeing your surroundings, especially branches and obstacles. On the road, it can seriously dazzle other road users including fellow cyclists, and is likely to cause irritation at best and an accident at worst. Although the warm white LED has a diffused lens that softens the light, it isn’t strong enough to see on the bike at 100 lumens. The clip on hard hat light is IP54 rated for water and dust resistance and can withstand up to 2 m drops.

The hard hat clip installation is very simple, just hook the clip to the edge of the helmet, then slide the band into the clip groove to effectively fix the headlight. Putting it together in this way and adjusting it to your head size takes minutes. The cable is attached at the light end. It plugs securely into a battery pack with a short, coiled section to keep it taut.


The Goggle Guard Accessory kit is also available to help secure your headlamp to hard caps. The Streamlight Septor LED Headlamp fits comfortably to your head with the included rubber hard hat strap, leaving your hands free to work. Its usability is due to the various lighting modes, the light output, beam patterns, and ease-of-use once it has been fitted.

  • The strap stretches directly across the helmet’s interior from front to back, but is soft and stretchy enough that when you put the helmet on, it’s not noticeable.
  • Depending on the LED and the mode chosen, battery life can be anywhere from 2hrs 10mins up to 240hrs or 10 days!
  • I didn’t once feel I was lacking lighting, and so, in fact, because the stepdown process extends run-time markedly, it’s not exactly a downside, as long as you’re able to dose your turbo light usage a little.

The Energizer Vision HD+ LED headlight is ideal for wearing. It has a 350 lumens output and a range of 70 meters at its highest brightness level. This method takes 2 to 4 days to deliver. The parcel is tracked from door to door by the postal network. Organise and store your AAA batteries in this Storacell hard plastic caddy. These holders were originally made for pilots but they can also be used for camping, boating, and at home. It is powered by three Energizer E92 alkaline batteries or EN92 AAA Alkaline batteries. The safety locking compartment must be removed to access the battery compartment.


With an output of up to 300 lumens and waterproof to IPX4 standards, the Energizer Vision HD Head light is a great option for runners, cyclists and campers looking for a hands-free light source. This headlamp produces 70 lumens of light with seven super-bright, 100,000-hour LEDs, 35 lumens with three LEDs, or 13 lumens with one LED and has a run time of up to 30 hours. Nylon woven strap with PP chin cup for added comfort helps your hard hat stay secure while working. Even with the fastest clicks the MOH 35 permits, it still takes two to three seconds to return to the 400-lumen setting. This can be a problem if you are moving and don’t have an additional light.

Its six-point suspension of textile ensures maximum comfort. The CenterFit adjustment system adjusts and holds the helmet in place. The VERTEX VENT is designed for optimal attachment of a PIXA or DUO headlamp, a VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN protective shield, and hearing protection. Proper head protection is critical on professional job sites Moreover, in the recreational arena.