Mobile casino: The new trend for software developers

Accessing the online game quickly and easily through mobile gaming applications is one of the current trends, mobile casinos despite their restrictions tend to be positioned with easy-to-install applications on laptops, and players feel every once more called to play.

Currently, there are several developer leaders permanently creating different applications to play. Below are some of the most popular applications.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 slots. It is one of the most popular and popular applications among players, it is about a series of Marvel based on the comic of Iron Man. It is fully compatible with Android and offers attractive bonuses for all players who love slot machines. The virtual machine of Iron Man 3, has 4 progressive jackpots providing the players with the pay table where the winning combinations are established.

Mr. Cashback

It is considered one of the most striking slot games because it offers the opportunity to reimburse the money if the player were to lose. In this sense, it is one of the slots that can compete with many others, because the fact of repayment is really insurmountable. When playing it could be the case that it does not achieve one of the 30 combinations to win, that is why this game has predetermined the times that would allow it to recover the money. The sense is that the player reinvests the money and has a second chance to play.

In addition, Mr. Cashback allows installation on computers with Android operating system, has an interface with 5 drums, with which you get bags full of money or accounts with piggy banks. The winning combinations really tend to increase in each round, and that also offers free bonuses.

Reel Rush

The development of this game based on the decade of the 90, is a NetEnt suggestion and represents simple animations and features of a classic video game. The operating systems in which this game is perfectly adapted are Android and also iOS. The biggest fun that this game presents is the sound, therefore it is recommended to keep a headset connected to the mobile device that allows a greater projection of the sound to enjoy playing it.


Among the most popular slot machines is the Thunderstruck, it is part of the games that are installed through applications on mobile devices. Its compatibility is absolute with Android and has two versions. Install a slot machine where it reaches 15 spins and also containing 5 reels, will multiply a total of 3 spins at a time. Likewise, you have the option to activate free spins again with a prize of up to 50,000 coins. Among the casinos that you can find these games are: Casino Cruise, Job City, and Guts.

Tom Raider

It is one of the suggestions for lovers of video games because it is the original games. The slot machine where this game has been implemented has its mobile version, and Microgaming is responsible for placing it on the web.

Tomb Raider fans know that with this game you can find excitement and action, but also has fully realistic graphics on its interface. Likewise, it will have bonuses that allow up to 10 free spins and thus multiply the winnings by accessing a Pikachu game in a bonus round.


The period games involving King Arthur’s round table could not be left out of mobile slot machines. Microgaming has also developed through its software one of the games where joins the excitement of playing up to 12 free spins and multiply it seven times. Like the other casino games, this game also allows you to activate free spins and includes bonuses such as the treasure chest that contribute to duplicate what you have won.

The combinations are achieved through a pay line and players get the top prize of 3000 coins, also enters a very interesting story between King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake.

This software offers a novel option, and that is that there is a betting function which, when correctly identifying if the color of a card is black or red, will charge all that it won or it will be able to place bets again.

Zen fruit

Fruit zen Slot betsoft designed mobile slots games that contemplate fruit themes very similar to the Starbucks developed by NetEnt technology. This slot machine is composed of 10 drums that offer free spins through bonuses for players, thus increasing the chances of winning. It is one of the machines that offer the most benefits (95% returns) in terms of the original bet and is that you can win up to 500 times the initial bet.

The Fruit game slot is really eye-catching because it offers on the top of your mobile device delicious fruits and a purple sea bottom. Payments are both ways and you have 10 payment lines. There is also a fact that some players comment as a disadvantage, and is that this application allows you to get three turns as the maximum amount of games.


Gladiator Wars online slotGladiador. It is one of the simple and fast games that you can install on your mobile devices; it is fully compatible with Windows and also with iOS. It is a game that does not represent major problems and has 5 reels in its slot.

It is based on the symbology of ancient Rome, offer players the whole theme linked with shields, coliseums, gold cups, flags, and gladiators. It has a function called “prepare for battle”, gets a round of bonuses and also some very special features linked to functions such as gladiators Smash Wild Reel and Click Me.