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You can spread the cost of your purchase by paying 3 equal installments with no interest. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. When your order is confirmed by Go Outdoors, your first instalment will be collected. Instalments 2 and 3, respectively, are scheduled 30 days and 60 days later. You can monitor your payments’ progress in the Klarna app, or log into /uk. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with payment instructions within two days from Klarna.

PayPal Credit is the best value for money, with 0% APR financing. With a basket of just £99.00 you can be eligible for 0% APR finance for up to 6 months; perfect if you want to treat yourself to a new piece of kit but don’t want to be tied into a long repayment. Spend more than £250 to be eligible for 0% financing for up to 12 months. [newline] PayPal Credit could allow you to get 0% APR finance that can be repaid over 6 months for basket values as low at £99.

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The scheme works through your employer – they would apply for the money, then you would receive money from them like when you were in employment. Despite my lower earnings, I was able to keep 50% my average income. It seems that I would be eligible for a grant of 80%, but it would leave me better off than before. I AM WORKING FOR NHS as a bank staff on 0 hours contract. I went to visit my parents abroad and not been able to return to UK due to airport closures.

My tenant informed me that he was laid off due to covid19. He has given me a month’s notice. Unfortuantely the self-employment scheme will not apply to you. You are also unlikely to get Universal Credit as you will have capital over £16,000. However, this will depend on whether the properties are seen as a business asset or not. But it appears that you are not renting these out on a business basis so I am not sure how they would consider them. Your daughter wouldn’t be able to furlough her t.v.

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HMRC should be notified after 8 weeks that you have stopped trading. However, you can check this site again to confirm that the extension has been extended. If you have permanently closed down your business you need to inform HMRC. If you are no longer earning, or have a very low income because of this, you could be eligible for Universal Credit (so long as you have settled status in the UK and your savings are under £16,000). You may be eligible for Council Tax Support or ‘new-style Jobseekers Allowance’ depending on your National Insurance contributions in the past 2-3 years.

If this is the case, your SSP should last 26 week. If you are ill and your SSP ends then you can claim contributory ESA if you have paid enough NI contributions. If you are liable for Council Tax, you should also claim Universal Credit or Council Tax Support.

If you have less than £16,000 in savings, you may also be able to claim Universal Credit and Council Tax Support. If you aren’t already eligible, you may be eligible to claim Child Benefit for your dependents. However, I would recommend that you fill out the calculator to see all the options. There is nothing to suggest that your wife won’t be able to access the furlough scheme. She should be eligible as long as she is on her employer’s PAYE payroll on 28 February 2020. As it stands, there is no indication that legacy benefits like Income Support will be increased in accordance with Universal Credit.