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eric fraudeau chef parisChef Eric FRAUDEAU: With 20 years of restaurant and hotel industry experience under his belt, he has rubbed aprons with the likes of Robuchon, Ducasse and travelled the world promoting his love of all that makes you go "ooh la la". Now the creator of a mini multinational cooking school in Montmartre where he hopes you will get addicted to French food and get hands-on with the Cook'n With Class in Paris experience.

Many other chefs also compliment the line up to teach the many different theme Paris cooking classes available in the following pages. The Chefs:

Brian: Formally trained in Chicago, Brian has been cooking in restaurants, hotels, and as a private chef since 1993. Leaving the Montreal restaurant scene in 2001 to work as a private chef in Paris, he eventually also ran his own little restaurant in the south of France and then returned to Paris to continue private chefing and transmitting his expertise in Paris at Cook'n With Class. Chef Brian teaches regularly the Evening Market Class and the Morning Market Class.

Alex: A professional career in fine dining restaurants in North America, Alex has mastered all corners of the kitchen. Proud of his Irish lineage - Alex also trained with Irish Cathal Armstrong at Restaurant Eve acquiring invaluable knowledge of cooking techniques using locally sourced organic products. Alex Dreyer teaches regularly the Baking and Morning Market Class, Evening Market Class, French Bread Making Class.

Pino: An Italian by blood and American by marriage Pino has studied, observed, experimented with cooking from very early age. Inspired by a family of skilled cooks and bakers Pino pursued his formal training in Manhattan in French cuisine before coming to Paris to share with us his natural flair and extensive knowledge of cooking. Chef Pino teaches regularly the Morning Market Class, Bread making class, Baking class, Desserts, and Macaron Class.
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Briony: Australian born but adopted by France, Briony has travelled the 4 corners of the world acquiring experience with talented creative pastry chefs in leading 5 star hotels. Whisking up delicious cakes from a very early age, Briony has come full circle working in leading hotels and restaurants back to her initial love the world of patisserie and cake decorating. Briony teaches regularly the Baking class, Desserts, Cake Decorating class and Macaron Class.

Constance: Her determination to conquer French kitchens has led her to work with the finest Chefs at Hotel Meurice, Bristol and the Ritz-Escoffier school. Paris is her home but her curiosity for exotic food takes her travelling to food markets in far-off destinations. Chef Constance teaches regularly the Morning Market Class, Evening Market Class, Desserts class, and Macaron Class.

Preston: Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Preston has made Paris his home since 2003. Paris was an obvious choice for him based on his education specializing in Art History and his life-long passion for food and wine. Preston teaches regularly the Cheese and Wine Tasting Class.

Basic Information about the Paris Cooking Classes:

All classes are in English. However for a private class we can propose a class in several different languages.
Classes are limited to 5-6 people. This is to ensure that everyone has plenty of attention from the chef.
Everything is provided in the price; you don't have to pay extra or bring anything but your sense of adventure!
In the Morning & Evening Classes we prepare a 4-course meal, including appetizer, main-course and dessert paired with wine and including a Cheese course served before the dessert. See our Classes page for more details.

What will you make? See the notes on each cooking class about seasonality. Just click here for a list of classes with details about what is in each course. To Get more details contact us by email. See list of classes with details about times and prices: For

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