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It is the most Parisian of the great Cabarets, located in the heart of the Left Bank, just a few minutes walk from Notre Dame and the Pantheon.  Built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889, it is a National landmark and home to the Hit Show “Paradis à la Folie” with its talented artists acclaimed by our guests from all over the world. A little, a lot, passionately … à la folie!A fabulous cocktail of musical comedy, lavish fanfare and modern ballets” featuring of course the famous French Cancan! paradis latin cabaret paris

Quality of service and dining experience, followed by Paradis à la Folie, are the reasons why it is the Cabaret of Choice of the French public where they come to celebrate the important moments of their lives… a birthday... an anniversary… an important meeting with clients or corporate event… a romantic weekend… life! 

Open every day except Tuesday. Dinner at 20h00, one show nightly at 21h30.

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The dazzling sight of beauty, rhythm, and gaiety.
Talented artists, an original choreography, a symphony of colours and a loyalty to a great tradition : the Revue of the Paradis Latin is like a champagne cocktail of beauty and joyful living, both exciting and romantic, with its striking ballets and surprising attractions. The dynamism and humour of the hosts, the elegance of the surroundings, the pleasant and attentive waiters of the famous Brigade de Salle of the Paradis Latin only add to the quality of the show to guarantee you an unforgettable moment of a very Parisian "Vie en Rose".

The most Parisian of the great cabarets
The Paradis Latin considers itself the most Parisian of the great cabarets. This calling can be seen in the decoration of the theatre built by Gustave Eiffel, in the incredible world famous French CanCan and in most of the ballets. The famous shows of the Paradis Latin, such as Paris Paradis, Nuit de Paradis, Paradisiac, Champagne, Hello Paradis, Viva Paradis have all remained loyal and reflect the Parisian spirit. Still, today we tastefully present scenes that are both modern and exciting without undermining this view of Paris. Having premiered to rave reviews, Paradis d'Amour, with its extremely cosmopolitan dance troupe, shimmering costumes, created by designer Ingrid Israël, and under the direction of Christian Dura and choreography by Molly Molloy, is a veritable hymn to Love and will enthral audiences from around the world.


1802. Bonaparte, who was then First Consul, decided to have a theatre built on rue des Fossés Saint-Victor, on the very spot where, in the 13th century, a fortification wall stood, known in the manuals as "the enclosure of Philip Augustus." The "Théâtre Latin" [Latin Theatre]-which it was called-was inaugurated in 1803. During the Empire and Restoration periods, its artistic fortune experienced several setbacks, but after 1830, it became one of the meccas of Parisian nightlife.

1887. Paris was preparing for the "Exposition universelle" [World Fair] of 1889. Under no circumstances could those ruins be permitted to remain just five hundred meters away from Notre-Dame! Gustave Eiffel, whose construction of the Eiffel Tower had already begun, was assigned the task of rebuilding the new theatre. Eiffel, 55 years old at the time, fell in love with the theatre site and its history. He discovered the outstanding quality of its foundations and decided to use them to support a structure with an elegant metallic reinforcement design.

2 January 1889... The new theatre was inaugurated under its new name : Paradis Latin. It was an immediate triumph and performed to sell out crowds. Musicals and ballets were produced there, which though very popular for their era, have been lost in time.

1973. A real estate developer, Jean Kriegel, bid for the building which stood at 28 and 28A, rue du Cardinal Lemoine. He wanted to restore the old building and transform it into apartments. Jean Kriegel began, logically enough, by taking an inventory of the premises. To his great surprise, he made one discovery after another. The first was... eighteen thousand test tubes and petri-dishes left over from the preceding activity and forgotten by the most recent owner.paradis latin cabaret paris

Then, when the plaster walls and false ceilings were destroyed, Eiffel's metallic structure appeared, along with poster fragments and the remains of the former decor. On the second floor, workers uncovered an astonishing cathedral complete with gilding, columns, framework and capitals. But the most amazing discovery was still to come: a superb dome painted to glorify pantomime, operetta, ballet and "excentricities."Charmed by the magic of the place, Jean Kriegel decided to devote this theatre to the celebration of Paris, which should have always been its raison d'être.

1973-1976. The theatre was restored according to Eiffel's plans-720 seats; ceiling height, 17 meters; state-of-the-art equipment: 300 projectors, kilometers of electric cables, 20,000 lights and 70 Murano mouth-blown glass chandeliers.

1977. The theatre's artistic creation, direction and production were entrusted to Jean-Marie Rivière. On 14 November 1977, he presented "Paris Paradis," a poetic burlesque show produced with the aid of his accomplices, Pierre Simonini and Frédéric Botton. It was a triumph.

This event marked the revival of Paradis Latin.

The Dinner:

paradis latin paris cabaret
Priority concern. Our restaurant is of primary importance to us at the Paradis Latin. It is supervised by Harold Israel, the no. 2 man of our management team, who began his career in the most prestigious cooking school of the world, the french cooking school "Le Cordon Bleu". "The traditional cabaret," he explains, "often provides mediocre food and a great show. At Paradis Latin, we decided that the food would be delicious, and the show, fabulous."

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